The HD Guide to WordPress

Congratulations, your website is now up and running on the latest version of WordPress, the most popular blogging and content management system in the world, and the preferred CMS of Heavy Digital Creative.

This is intended for the you, the end user, to guide you through the basics of adding and editing posts and pages on your new site.

Note to Clients, Fellow Designers and Developers: This guide is a work in progress. Please comment or email me and provide feedback on how this can be improved. If you need to know something that is missing here, please let me know!

Required Information

  • Admin URL – The address provided to you for site maintenance. (
  • Username & Password – We will provide this to you


The Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is the home base of your website, and provides information and links to control various aspects of your website.

Posts & Pages

The content that is seen on your site can be divided into two categories: “Posts” and “Pages“. They behave similarly to each other, but there are some differences that should be understood.

Posts are the bread and butter of most WordPress installations. They are used primarily for more fluid forms of content, such as blog entries, new updates, articles and other items that are meant to be displayed at a certain period in time and then superceded by new information.

While posts are fluid, Pages are static. They are utilized for content that stays unchanged over time, such as an About Me page, biographies, contact information and other things of that nature.

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