Five Ways Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Still haven’t jumped on the video marketing bandwagon? Businesses of all shapes and sizes can leverage the power of video to attract new customers and boost sales. If you’re still skeptical, check out some of the top benefits of video marketing listed below.

Video Boosts Open Rates and Click-Through Rates in Email

According to the Massachusetts-based marketing firm BrainShark, using video in email can boost open rates by as much as 20% and click-through rates by 200-300%. Users are more likely to engage and respond to emails with video, simply because watching is more enjoying than reading. So if you’re struggling to develop a successful email marketing campaign, try adding video to it.

Video is Mobile-Friendly

Another reason why small businesses should embrace video marketing is because it’s mobile-friendly. Thanks to recent technological advancements in smartphone hardware and cell service capabilities (4G LTE), users can now enjoy streaming video on their mobile devices with no interruption. A Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report even found video to account for nearly half of all mobile Internet traffic, attesting to its widespread popularity among smartphone users.

Getting Personal

Video allows businesses to get more personal with their target audience, putting a face to their name. By recording yourself on video, potential customers can see exactly who’s behind your business. Subsequently, this instills greater trust and confidence, encouraging audience members to purchase your business’s products or service.

Videos Last Forever…. Well, Almost Forever

When you publish a video about a product, service, or just your brand, it will remain on the Internet for years to come. Media outlets and users may “pick up” you video, publishing it on their own YouTube accounts, at which point it’s shared with even more people. So you have to think of video marketing as a long-term investment. Yes, it will attract new customers initially, but the real benefit comes later down the road when it’s continuing to bring new new customers, completely on autopilot.

Increase Sales

We save the best for last: video marketing will boost your sales. A study conducted by Retail Touchpoints found shoppers were 174% more likely to purchase a company’s product or service after watching a video ad when compared to shoppers who did not see the ad. Video allows companies to convey their products and services in a more relatable and appealing manner, which triggers a visceral emotion in shoppers, enticing them to buy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll experience a 174% increase in sales simply by using video, but video can and WILL boost sales.

As you can see, video marketing is a crucial, yet often underused part of a modern marketing campaign. Contact us and we can help guide you on your video marketing journey!

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