Video Production Rates

It seems most companies don’t like to post their video production rates, but then again we’ve always prided ourselves on doing things a little bit different. If you shop around you’ll find our pricing is in the middle of the industry-standard range. Simply select the appropriate pricing guide for your needs, enter your email into any of the boxes below, and get instant access to our video production rate and pricing information!

Large or small, we have the crew and equipment to fit your budget! From a single videographer with a DSLR package to a fully-equipped production crew, we have the resources to take your vision from script to screen! Need additional gear beyond what’s listed? Check out our equipment list!

Video Production Packages

If you’re starting with a script, or even just a concept we can provide development services and creative direction long before the cameras start rolling. Then, once we’ve shot your masterpiece we’ll post-produce a polished package complete with titles, graphics, royalty-free music and professional voiceover. Once your project is wrapped, we can even help with marketing and distribution! Choose a video production pricing guide below and get instant access to general pricing info for full-service production projects.

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