Pre-Production Services

Pre-production is both the most important, and the most overlooked, aspect of video production. Ensure that your project is executed professionally by utilizing our pre-production services, including casting and auditioning talent, scouting shooting locations, acquiring, building and preparing props, scripting, storyboarding and previsualizing the production, selecting music, hiring a film crew, and more. Contact us to discuss your Boston pre-production needs today!


Bring us your idea or basic outline and our experienced screenwriters will turn it into a polished shooting script. This document will be used as the blueprint for the entire production, so it’s important that it gets done right. Already have a script? Not a problem! We’re happy to review and offer our input, and provide a final bit of polish if necessary.

Storyboarding & Previsualization

Casting & Auditions

Talent auditions are critical if you want to ensure that your project will be everything you envision. We can manage a casting call, or provide you with our recommendations from our pool of agencies and local talent.

Hiring Production Crews

Female Boom OperatorA critical part of pre-production is hiring the right team. We can utilize our call list of local professionals to build a solid crew for your production. We get you the right mix of industry pros to help you produce a polished video production.

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Location Scouting

Location scouting is often overlooked, but is critical to a successful production. Besides wanting to find a location with the proper aesthetics, noise from airplanes, vents and machinery can adversely impact a production. By researching and scouting locations ahead of time we can avoid many of these issues, ensuring your project is the best it can be!

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