How To Record High-Quality Screenshots

Here are a few tips for recording a high-quality screenshot suitable for use in your video production.

Screen Resolution

Full HD 1920x1080
Ensure that your screen resolution is at least 1920×1080 (Full HD). This is the minimum resolution you should record your content looks it’s best.


For screen-capture software we recommend TechSmith Camtasia. We use this in house, so after you record your files you can just send us the raw .camrec file for us to process. Otherwise, please output a high quality .mp4. (If you don’t already own Camtasia, you can download a free, fully-functioning 30-day trial).

The software is really easy to use, and you should be able to dive right in. If you’d like to get really in-depth with the app, check out the full length tutorial:

Capturing Webpage Screens

If you are capturing screenshots of websites in your browser, utilize the full-screen function (F11) to hide the address bar, open tabs, etc, to ensure we can utilize all available real estate on your screen.

If there is a lot of whitespace on your site, you can zoom in to make the content fill the screen by usinging the CTRL+NUM(+) shortcut key.

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