Independent Film Production

Like many artists in the video production field, our true passion is film production. The desire to translate someone’s vision into a top-notch piece of entertainment drives all of our productions, including our commercial spots. When we shoot a corporate training segment, commercial spot or music video, we approach it with the same attention to the art of cinematography as when we are filmmakers working on a feature film, ensuring you get the best quality product for your money.

State-of-the-Art Film Production Equipment

Making high quality films is our passion, and if we could work exclusively on shorts & features, we would. Our commitment to quality is evident in the professional equipment that we use and the results we achieve. We shoot most of our productions using DSLR cameras with custom rail systems and outboard gear, capable of shooting beautiful 1080p Full HD video.

Should you require something different for your project, we can utilzie our rental house contacts to acquire any gear you may need, from a RED camera to Carl Zeiss lenses.

Heavy Digital has a fully featured high-end video editing suite in-house for post-production. Utilizing industry-standard tools like Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and Red Giant Magic Bullet, we add a truly cinematic look and feel to our films. In addition, our full suite of professional audio recording gear, including MOTU recording decks and Shure, Sennheiser and AKG microphones help us produce great audio, ensuring your audience will experience your vision in the best possible light.


Through our years of experience working and networking with top talent, Heavy Digital procures professional on-screen and voice-over actors both directly and through talent agencies and casting directors. Whatever your target audience, our location in Boston with its burgeoning entertainment industry and diverse population ensure we have access to talent with the right look and skills for any project.

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