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B2B Video Portfolio

B2B Marketing Campaign

Save Your CEO is an omnichannel video-driven B2B brand-awareness campaign produced for Ramp Holdings Inc.

To this day, it remains one of the most memorable and high-profile media projects I’ve had the pleasure of leading.

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B2B Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help distill complex ideas into an engaging visual message. Below are some examples of B2B explainer videos I’ve created.

B2B Organizational Overview Videos


B2B Promos & Sizzle Reels

Promos and sizzle reels are a great way to catch your audience’s attention. Below are some examples of B2B promos & sizzle reels I’ve created.

B2B Motion Graphics Promos


B2B Intros, Stings & Motion Graphics


B2B Product Videos

Product Demo Videos are a great way to hold your audiences attention while delivering a curated walkthrough of your SaaS product, software, or website. Below are some examples of B2B product demo videos I’ve created.

B2B Product Overviews


B2B Product Walkthroughs


B2B Event Videos

B2B Event Videos are a great way to recapture the magic of a live event. Below are some examples of B2B event videos I’ve created.

B2B Event Highlights Videos

B2B Event Promos


Inspirational B2B Videos

Story-driven inspirational videos are a great way to connect with your target audience. Below are some examples of inspirational B2B videos I’ve created.


Episodic B2B Videos

Episodic content is a great way to promote your brand while keeping your audience entertained. Below are some examples of episodic B2B videos I’ve created.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvlSJ4VZld8

B2B UGC Videos

User-generated content, abbreviated as UGC, is a great way to get content rolled out quickly. These videos were shot, edited, and pushed to social media in the same day, proving that speed and quantity doesn’t always have to sacrifice quality.


B2B Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos are a great way to show potential employees what your organization is all about. Below are some examples of B2B recruiting videos I’ve created.